Authors' Workshop: Gendering Epistemologies – Gender and Situated Knowledge

Perspectives from Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe

Online, 20–21 April 2023

Organizers: Jan Surman, Dietlind Hüchtker, Karin Reichenbach, Friedrich Cain, Bernhard Kleeberg

Online: Please contact Jan Surman


Thursday (20 April) 14:00-17:30 CEST/UTC+2


14:15 Barbara Schnalzger: Shifting Knowledge: Comparing Women ́s Libraries of the “First” and “Second” Women's Movements in german-speaking countries (comments: Dietlind Hüchtker, Friedrich Cain)

14:45 Suzana Milevska: Do Archives Have a Gender? (comments Dietlind Hüchtker, Bernhard Kleeberg)

15:15 Ksenia Szmydkaya: Women’s Metaphors and Universal Truths: Literary Criticism from Interwar Poland as a Source for Historical Epistemology (comments Karin Reichenbach, Aleksei Lokhmatov)

Short break

16:00 Martyna Miernecka: Shining through poetry. Julia Hartwig’s Błyski (Flashes) (comments: Aleksei Lokhmatov, Dietlind Hüchtker)

16:30 Duygu Altınoluk (not present): Feminist Standpoint Theory Strengthen Feminist Activism in Academia? (comments Jan Surman, Aleksei Lokhmatov)


Friday (21 April) 10-14 CEST/UTC+2

Short introduction

10:15 Darya Litvina/Anastasia Novkunskaya/Anna Temkina: Researchers’ standpoint in becoming: “nowhere” or somewhere” in studying unsettled sensitive issues (comments Bernhard Kleeberg, Friedrich Cain)

10:45 Evangelia Chordaki: Title N.N. (comments Friedrich Cain, Karin Reichenbach)

(Short break)

11:15 Katharina Kowalski (not present): Between Concepts of Intersectionality and “Authenticity” - On epistemic Developments and Distinctions in the Feminist-Thought Style in Poland (comments Karin Reichenbach, Jan Surman)

11:45 Izabela Kowalczyk: Feminism meets catastrophes (comments Bernhard Kleeberg, Jan Surman)